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About the Artist/Artisan...

at Allentown Art Festival, ( June 2005, Buffalo NY)

The first prize for her work; Japanese Jubako: a nest of boxes


     A self-taught woodworker, Akemi Furukawa Hoffman was born and grew up in Japan and came to the United States in the summer of 1998.

     She was always interested in the world of  art and loved creating since she was a little child. She has won prizes for art work throughout her school ages including wooden art pieces.

     Since she became more intrigued by the beauty of wood, she decided to take her career path as a woodworker after experiencing several different careers.

     Her creation gives artistic pleasure to the atmosphere, yet also functional to people's daily lives. Her design is contemporary however it has a hint of her traditional cultural background.. 

     She sticks to Pennsylvania hardwood; such as cherry, maple, walnut and oak to maintain the best quality and also to bring out the highest beauty of the grain. 

     No apprentices or assistants are employed in the creation of her work.




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